werner works is a mid-sized, family run firm and a leading German storage specialist for over 50 years. We develop and produce innovative, high quality, office residential

furnishings with substantial benefits for the user.


Flexible, modular and design-oriented storage solutions for the workplace lie at the heart of our production lines. Using our standard assembly-to-order ranges we offer additional made-to-measure solutions providing the user with maximum flexibility and choice. 


All product components are obtained only from certified and qualified suppliers and we

distinguish ourselves through our emphasis on quality,  longevity and sustainability; all our components are ultimately sustainable.


Werner products are sold exclusively through Byensemble in the UK

Byensemble are the UK's sole distributors of Werner Works products. Located in

the heart of London's interior design community in Clerkenwell our showroom

is open from Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm (5pm on Fridays).